Thursday, August 18, 2011

Butterfly Frame.

I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been crafting, but I've forgot SEVERAL times to take a picture of what I've made before giving it to the person. I've made an airplane card for my dad's birthday, a family thinking of you card, and a birthday card for my Husband's secretary.

This card is the standard A2 Size, and uses the Sentimentals cartridge exclusively.The paper is made by My Minds's Eye, and I found it at Michaels. Sadly, I do not remember the name of the paper, and I seem to have thrown away the scrap that had it. I went through on-line to try and find it, but I fell in love with all of their designs and was to distracted. Sorry! But, I highly recommend their paper lines.

The frame's shadow was actually white when I first cut. I wanted it to look like an old antique-y frame, so I stamped it with a rust and bronze colored shimmer inks. The back layer of the frame is inked in gold, and the top is inked in a plain brown. It really give the effect of old wear and tear, with a bit of shine underneath.
 For the butter fly, I actually used the negative cut of the wings, and I think I prefer this way instead of the original.
 I then pop-dotted everything to give it more depth, added the three glittery brads,  added an insert with a stamp, wrote my letter, and WHAM-BAM! A simple card, made in under half an hour that I think still has an edge of elegance.
  *You didn't actually think I'd make a card without inking something, did you?


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